Rad Wagon Extra Cargo

Rad Rover Fate Tire
If the term “car replacement” can be applied to anything, the Rad Wagon would be it. The Rad Wagon is the most affordable, feature-rich, and powerful electric cargo bike on the market and it’s got everything you need to get the job done, and then some.
The Rad Power Bikes LCD display provides you with all the information you need when out on a ride. It’s securely mounted directly to the handlebars and the display angle can be adjusted to accommodate different sized riders.
Ebikes should be fun, reliable, and most importantly, safe. We make safety a top priority to make sure your bike takes as good of care of you as you do of it.
Orange Ebike with Cargo Space Parked in Front of Scenic Lake
  • 25-45+ Miles

    Estimated Range

  • 20 MPH

    Top Speed

  • 73 lbs

    Bike Weight

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