All you have to do is click “BOOK NOW” from the menu of our website (or any Book Now button on the site). After that, simply follow the online booking information. You will also be prompted to sign our rental and waiver agreements as well as enter your payment information. You will receive an email confirmation once your booking is complete. If you prefer, you can also Contact Us and make your reservation over the phone.

You must be 15 years or older. All riders under the age of 18 must be with a legal guardian in order to operate one of our bikes. You must be at least 5 feet tall and be able to ride a standard bicycle. Kids younger than 15 may ride as a passenger on our Rad Wagon. Kids 2 through 7 years old or up to 49 pounds may also ride in one of our child trailers that easily attach to any of our bikes.

For our “Guided Tours” we require a minimum of 2 people to book your tour and we can accommodate up to 10 riders.

For our “Self-Guided Tours” there is no minimum required and you can book up to 10 riders as well.

Once your booking is complete and you have reserved a time slot, we will meet you at the desired trailhead with the bikes you have selected. We will also bring you a few helmets to choose from, go over a 10 minute orientation and practice ride and then you are all set. You will go on your 2 hour ride and we will meet you back at the trailhead to pick up our bikes after you finish your ride.
Once your booking is complete and you have reserved a time slot, we will meet you at the specified location with the bikes you have selected. We will also bring you a few helmets to choose from, go over a 10 minute orientation and practice ride and then you are all set.
With our ebikes, your level of fitness does not matter nearly as much as a traditional bicycle. As long as you are in good physical health, are able to ride a regular bike and have good balance and coordination, you meet all the criteria to ride one of our ebikes. If during our practice ride you don’t feel comfortable riding our bikes we will give you a 100% refund.
We recommend you choose a tour that matches your capabilities. All of our tours are easy to moderate level with some difficulty differences. Our Self-Guided Tours (“Peavine Trail” or “Iron King Trail”) are the best all-around rides for all ages and levels of fitness not to mention the breathtaking views and scenic trail.
Our bikes are all classified as “Class Two” bikes. That means they have a pedal assist and electric throttle, and they can reach up to 20 MPH on average.
It is not very likely to run out of battery during a tour. However, it is not impossible. If you only use the electric throttle and DON’T pedal then yes, you will deplete the battery much faster than normal and may have to pedal your way back on your own power. Therefore, we always recommend that you pedal just like a regular bike (using the pedal-assist function) and then you will not even come close to running out of battery. All batteries are fully charged before your tour.

We take safety very seriously, and we have specifically choosen certain routes for our tours that utilize bike lanes whenever possible. We do share the road with traffic so you need to make sure you are comfortable doing so in our guided tours. We also inspect all of our bikes before and after each ride. We provide a 15 minute orientation and practice ride going over basic bike laws and signals. If a rider is not able to balance or complete a practice ride we may suggest a different “easier” tour or offer a full refund.

Our Self-Guided Tours are also very safe, as you will be riding on a double-lane wide trail sharing the road only with some bicyclists and hikers. There are NO cars allowed on this trail. Note that you still have to complete our orientation and practice ride.

Meeting locations vary depending on the tour you choose. We have included a map and address information under your specific tour for you to access easily.
If you are booking a regular 2 hour rental (not a tour) from some of the hotels downtown, we will meet you at the lobby to unlock the bikes and go over our orientation and practice ride. If you are booking a tour we will meet at the specific location listed on the tour and bring the bikes with us.
We will offer to re-schedule your tour to a later time (or a different day). However, if that is not an option, we will provide you with a 100% refund if we cancel a tour due to bad weather. If it rains during the tour we will decide together whether to continue or not. Monsoons are very common around July so it may rain for 5 minutes and then completely stop.

We will provide a bottle of water for all of our riders. However, we do not provide food on our tours. Therefore, please bring your own snacks and additional water. We will provide you with a small carrying waist bag for your snacks upon request.

On two of our tours (“Lynx Lake” and “Embry Riddle”) there are stores available to buy a snack.

All riders have to sign our rental agreement and waiver before heading out. Minors must be accompanied by an adult who signs for them. You can sign the rental agreement and waiver during your booking process or we can bring a hard copy to you.

For all cancellations, we ask you to give us at least 48 hours’ notice so we may open your time slots for other people. Any cancelations 24 hours or less will not be refunded. Please call or email us as soon as possible if you feel you may not be able to keep your reservation.

For cancelations due to bad weather, we will issue a full refund or suggest you to reschedule for another time.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you will be responsible for compensating us for the cost of the repairs.

How far in advance do I have to book a tour, and do you take walk-ins?
The best way to make sure one of our tours is available is to book online at least 24 hours in advance. Our walk-ins are only available when we are at our physical location and happen to have bikes available.

Because our tours are all over the place, we are primarily an online company. However, we do have a location at 119 Goodwin Street (downtown Prescott next to the Chamber of Commerce). We are there “some” weekends from 12:00pm to 5:00 or 6:00pm. We highly recommend to book online or Contact Us if you would like to reserve a tour.
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